Monday, May 4, 2009

The world at our door . . .

What a fun day we had! Today, God brought the world to the doorstep of The Refugee Sewing Society. We held registration for our May-June class session, and we were so excited to see familiar faces and meet new friends. In our sewing, yarn, and beading classes, we will serve 39 women during these next two months. Take a look a some of our blessings!

We have students from Iraq . . .Somalia . . .Bhutan . . .Morocco . . .Burundi . . .Ethiopia . . .And Sudan . . .Have you ever seen such beautiful faces? I love these women already!

Please pray for our teachers -- Kelly, Shirley, Brittany, and me. Please pray for God to send us more volunteers. And most of all, please pray for the ladies we will serve.

As we say in Swahili, "Bwana asifiwe!" "Praise the Lord!"

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