Sunday, May 3, 2009

Flower power

A week of decisions I did not want to make, questions I could not answer, and hurt too deep for tears. I immersed myself in prayer, Bible reading, conferring with friends, anything to make sense of the senselessness.
In the end, it was the beauty of creation that brought a measure of understanding and healing. After leaving Andrei at his apartment, Tim and I visited a small lake where he had discovered a scene reminiscent of Monet. This painting bore the brushstrokes of the Great Designer.At Stone Mountain Park, I strolled the grounds as I waited for Andrei. Wild roses are my favorite flower. The waterwheel brought a soothing calm to my heart.Please pray for all of us this week. The missionary community in Clarkston. Tim and me and our sons. The children he tutors. The ladies I teach. We need clarity, serenity, and hope.

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Marilyn Crabtree said...

Cathy and Tim: My prayers are with you in these days. My, what a mission field you are in right in the heart of Atlanta. It is hard to imagine refugees from so many different countries in your little part of the US. California is similar. Every Sunday there are church services in 77 different languages. God has brought the world to our shores!