Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh, what a beautiful morning . . . Oh, what a beautiful day!

I picked up my precious Somali friend, Hinde (above), this morning at 8:30 for our market event at Intown Community Church. She and our volunteer, Brittany, helped set up the tables and arrange our wares. We are excited about our $10 market bags . . .
and our scarves, aprons, jewelry, and dishcloths.
The women of OASIS Bible Study welcomed us to their end-of-season brunch. I enjoyed worshiping with them and hearing their testimonies. They supported us by donating fabric and yarn and by purchasing well over $200 worth of Refugee Sewing Society products. Thanks, OASIS!
I rushed back to the community center where women were already assembling for "Advanced Sewing" class and "Yarn Group." My heart soars when I see these women helping each other measure, pin, and cut.
Today, Dhaka taught a lesson in making market bags. She is the Queen of Market Bags! Today she sold $40 worth of bags. Yay, Dhaka! She hopes to purchase a sewing machine of her own, and I'm so proud of her.

Indira demonstrated typical Bhutanese style work stance: "the squat." How these ladies fold themselves down and then get back up again so gracefully I will never know!After the women measured and cut the fabric, they set to work sewing. Please pray that we will find a way to pay for repairs to our sewing machines. One is already broken, and others are acting cranky. We try to keep them oiled, but they get a LOT of use!
Over in the yarn room, another of our wonderful volunteers, Shirley Thomas, was working with 13 students. That's a bunch -- especially when they speak at least 6 different languages. But they listen well when Shirley speaks! Our two Iraqi students helped each other with knitting basics.Hanaa (below) can knit and crochet very well!
Other women put their skills to work making baby blankets and dishcloths.I really LOVE those 100% cotton dishcloths. You can wash them, bleach them, put them in the dryer, or launder them on the top level of your dishwasher. No more icky, nasty, bacteria-laden sponges! We sold a bunch of dishcloths at our morning market.

Saraswati was in our bead class during our last session. She has chosen to join the yarn group for this 8-weeks. I love to see the women migrate from one group to another!As the day wound to an end, three lovely young women from Temple University popped in for a visit. To our delight, they went shopping!Each woman purchased a necklace -- and it so happened that the makers of the necklaces were in the sewing room! Radhika (on the right) helped arrange hair and necklaces for her customers.But she wasn't too happy to find her necklace UNDER the woman's collar. Immediately she decided to set things straight. That necklace had to go on the OUTSIDE where it would show!That's better! A satisfied necklace-wearer and a happy beadmaker!
Jasoda is one of our most delightful students. She always has a smile, and she was thrilled to sell her necklace to one of our visitors! The Refugee Sewing Society always has satisfied shoppers. Thank you, ladies, for your kindness and generosity.I have to end with this photo. I always tease Nar because every time I get out my camera, she is ironing. And her hair is always draped over her face. Finally today I got a shot of this beautiful young woman. Hi, Nar!
Many thanks to everyone who purchased items from The Refugee Sewing Society today. We are honored to support these women who have suffered so much in their lives. And thanks also to our blog readers. We take a lot of encouragement from your comments and emails. Bless you!

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