Monday, February 22, 2010

I feel pretty . . . oh, so pretty!

Let's show off. Our yarn group makes some gorgeous things . . . and the women who made them are beautiful, too. Our Iraqi friend (above) loves to knit scarves. So does our Congolese friend below.
Hanaa, from Iraq, could knit day and night. She loves making creative scarves.
Our Somali beginner is learning how to crochet our famous and very popular dishcloths.
How about this pretty scarf, made by Hloa?
Dikura made some eyeglass cases. We've sold a lot of these!
A lovely scarf that's extra long. Our Bhutanese friend made this to our specifications. Great work!
Another pretty scarf made by this sweet Bhutanese woman.
Bhutanese scarves are so pretty!
Saraswati, from Bhutan, knitted this warm scarf.
I love everything Dil makes. And I love Dil, too! Her face has such character, and her personality is so gentle and sweet.
A beautiful navy blue scarf made by our Bhutanese friend.
Man Maya figured out how to crochet these shawls. Love 'em!

How's this for a soft, warm scarf?
Padma is one of our best crocheters. She is from Bhutan, and she's very shy. But look at her handiwork! Gorgeous.
Here, lovely Samaher from Iraq, was discussing some paperwork problems with me. Government documents always pose a big hurdle for people with limited English skills. Isn't Samaher lovely?
Our Sudanese student loves to crochet. Notice those interesting fingertips?
Dipping your fingers into henna dye is very popular among our African Muslim students. It's as pretty to them as a nice shade of lipstick is to us.
Speaking of pretty . . . we have some of the loveliest volunteers. Here Yvonne, an Emory student, is helping cut tags.Kristin works in the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory. She is so loyal and supportive. And pretty, too! They say pretty isn't just skin deep. Working with these precious women, I'm sure beauty goes all the way to the heart.


Jesus Gal said...

Love the pictures! The ladies are beautiful.


Lenae said...

What beautiful projects! They all did a wonderful job, and I love their beaming smiles.

I am visiting your blog after reading your "A Town Called Hope" novels. I was gifted the series by my husband's grandmother and thoroughly enjoyed each installment!

Keep up the good work, both on the computer and beyond.

A new fan :)

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

peggy sue said...

What a beautiful photo display of some beautiful women and their beautiful handwork creations. Cathy and Tim, I am so blessed to see how God has honored your lives by your willingness to serve Him there in Atlanta. Love you guys. Your faith is evident not only by words, but by love in action. peggy allewell

Ezzah said...

LOVE the work the RSS is doing, and my daughter loves the dress. Can't wait to buy more!!!