Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bustin' out all over!

Sometimes when I look at our small rooms filled with women sewing, knitting, or making jewelry, I'm amazed at how harmonious we are. The advanced sewing class actually chose to remain in our narrow room even after we started renting a larger one. They like all that togetherness . . . and so do I!

Yarn class has about 18 students -- more than we can keep busy making marketable products. Even so, the women in this group love to come together over knitting needles and tea.
On the left, a young woman from Sudan chats with her Iraqi friend. They both speak Arabic. The Sudanese woman is expecting a baby soon. We are always blessed with many women awaiting the birth of a child.
Elaine, our new yarn group leader, has her hands full -- literally! Here, she and Sharon are sorting through our popular dishrags. We sell a lot of these wherever we go.
Two Bhutanese friends discuss knitting techniques. Padma, on the right, is skilled with yarn, and she enjoys helping others in the group.
I love the beautiful faces of our Bhutanese refugee women.
Hanaa and Elaine share a laugh.
Dhan, from Bhutan, is helping a new Somali student learn to crochet. What a sweet spirit!
Hanaa, on the right, is helping another Somali learn to crochet. Most of the women in yarn class already know how to knit and crochet, but some are new at the craft.
When the sewing group gets busy, we have to set up our ironing board in the hallway. Netra came to class wearing a turquoise salwah -- and a pink cap to top it off!
Our new Iraqi student, Samaher, has blended right in with the advanced group. She makes some really pretty bags.
Hinde and Rabha are always kidding each other. Here they were discussing which one was jealous of the other's sewing skills. Our ladies keep us all laughing!
Beautiful Hinde . . .
Buddha's baby is due any day now . . .
Tulasa suffers terrible migraines and can't find any medicine to relieve them . . .
Zahra works on a market bag handle . . .
We have lots to rejoice over and lots to pray about. Join us, won't you?


Carla Gade said...

What a bustling time of activity. These ladies are sure productive and creative!

Brittany said...

Hanaa is back!
That's wonderful!