Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Running behind!

That seems to be my theme song these days. Like the white rabbit, "I'm late! I'm late!" I've been trying to finish a book since November. Finally on Sunday evening, I pushed the "send" button, and off it went to New York.

Now let's see what's been happening since I last wrote a blog entry . . .

One chilly winter day, I invited the leaders of The Refugee Sewing Society to my house for a lunch meeting. Carol Harrison is the secretary-treasurer of our almost-a-nonprofit ministry. We've turned in the paperwork, so now we'll just have to wait. Carol keeps us organized and on track taking minutes, calculating our income and outgo, and generally making sure we run smoothly.Todd Harrison, our CEO, helps us function as a ministry/non-profit/business. That's quite a job! He and Sharon, a board member, worked out prices for jewelry bags our women will sew. Caleb -- in the red cap -- is one of our favorite RSS leadership members!
This is my usual position when Todd tries to explain how a real business runs. Headache! Brain freeze! Zone out! Poor Todd has his hands full teaching me -- and in a couple of weeks, he'll be teaching our women how to read their new paychecks and keep track of their work.
After lunch, Amy and I decided to go visiting -- kutembelea, as we say in Swahili! Amy loves Radhika, one of her bead students.It had just snowed the day before, so we had a rare Hotlanta experience!
After our chat with Radhika and several of Amy's other Bhutanese students, we went over to our Somali friend's house.
Only one of Kuresho's children survived the war, and in the refugee camp, she began giving birth to a second family. Her last child (of 14 or 15 in all), is this precious little girl with Down Syndrome. I hadn't gotten to meet her, so that was really fun for me! Kuresho has two Somali treasures she's very proud of. These creations are made of beads woven into long strips. Here she wanted to show us how to wear them by putting them criss-cross on her daughter. Beautiful -- mother, daughter, and beads!
I also got to meet one of Kuresho's sons. He is a responsible young man and an excellent student. His mom sent him to fetch an envelope full of certificates he had won for perfect attendance, student of the month, and many others. She is rightfully proud of him.He had just put up a new wall hanging for his mother. Somalis love to cover their walls with fabric. It gives the room a tent-like feeling. What a great day! I loved spending time with the wonderful leaders God has brought to run The Refugee Sewing Society. And what fun to go visiting with Amy. We'll do it again soon!

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