Monday, January 25, 2010


Seventy-seven women. You read that right -- 77 women. That's how many showed up on January 19 to register for Refugee Sewing Society classes.The halls were jammed with women of every imaginable people group and language. Sharon arrived in time to rescue me from total overload. When no one else came, we prayed in earnest. We had barely opened our eyes when two volunteers from Emory and another from Rrisa walked through the door. Hallelujah!Before we let the women register, we handed out consent forms for them to sign. Refugees are resourceful. With few tables around, they made do.

With a chair . . .Or the floor . . .
Lovely Dhan always helps others. Her beauty is far more than skin deep.
Much discussion revolved around the consent form. What is it? Why do you need it? What is a signature? How do I spell my name in English? We were able to take about 40 women into our 4 programs -- beginner sewing, advanced sewing, bead group, and yarn group.

I know we could double the size of this ministry if we had more volunteers. I think it's time for Sharon and me to do some more praying!

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Troy, Katrina and Ian said...

What an amazing ministry! I wish I were still in Clarkston to be a part of it! I love reading your updates. You'll be in my prayers!
Katrina Canfield