Monday, January 25, 2010

The road is long, with many a winding turn . . .

I call my car the refugee-mobile. Every class day, I drive my ladies home from the community center -- and that's a lot of apartments to visit. Often, I drive to speaking engagements, too.Not too long ago, my car had a birthday. Yep, it went from 99,999 miles to 100,000 miles. Pray we can keep movin' on down the highway!
Notice the GPS in the first photo? That was a Christmas gift from our son, Geoffrey. He knows his mama well. I'm lost a good bit of the time while driving in Atlanta.

A recent trip took Amy and me to Alabama. We had the great joy of speaking, showing our amazing DVD, and selling our women's products to WMU executives from all over the US.I love doing markets with Amy. She's a whiz at setting up lovely displays.People in the churches, schools, and other places we visit are always so generous. On the way home from our Alabama trip, we stopped for lunch and decided to add up our students' sales.Every item has a tag, and every tag has a student's name, the item, and its price. When we sell an item, we cut the bottom off the tag. That's how we know whom to pay, and it helps us know which items are selling best.I've spent most of my life as a fiction author, and Amy has spent most of hers making videos for such clients as Home Depot and the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. You wouldn't think two such artsy ladies would make a good sales team -- but you'd be wrong.Well, okay, I'll confess that by the end of the conference we were calling each other Lucy and Ethel. But we still did a better job of selling than our namesakes did selling Vitameatavegamin!

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