Saturday, November 28, 2009

Home work ... and rest!

Rest time is a precious commodity in the Palmer home these days. Tim and Andrei are working full time -- plus drivng a forty-five minute commute each way. I'm racing from RSS classes to markets and back home to write a book that's due in January. We're dog-tired!After the bullet went through Andrei's apartment window, we moved him to our house. Our friend, Bob Cornett, and his wonderful crew have been converting our garage into a small apartment for Andrei. Chris has done a lot of the work, and we've enjoyed feeding him at our table now and then.TIME FOR THE REVEAL! "Driver, move that bus!" Well, we didn't have a bus, but Andrei enjoyed the big moment anyway. Ta-da!Awesome!
Andrei is particularly proud of the pedestal sink he chose.
Yep, definitely a cool bathroom!
The refrigerator came in . . .and then the stove . . . and Andrei is at last living in his little home sweet home! When he's not at work, he is usually making cars. Here's an MG, his latest creation.Take a look at that interior. Fur-lined floor and doors. Amazing dashboard. And a totally groovy steering wheel. Though pets require attention and care, our two dogs have been major stress-relievers. Sukari -- our little "brown sugar" -- arrived shivering and terrified after many days of roaming the streets dragging her leash. We put up posters, sent out emails and tried hard to find her owners. When nothing panned out, well . . . even Tessie voted to keep her new little friend.After a flea bath tonight, Tessie needed an extra dose of love.Suki was in the doldrums, too.
Misery loves company. Suki found the warmest place in the house and curled up next to Tessie, her best friend, protector, and playmate.
The coming month is completely full with events piled one upon another. We appreciate your prayers for strength, patience, kindness, and an overflowing measure of grace.


Carla Gade said...

The apartment is wonderful! I'm sure you so relieved to have him near you. Cool car!
I'm praying that you all will be refreshed and for you as you finishing up your novel.

Tom in Big Canoe said...

My girlfriend and I have some nice and new clothes and toys we would like to donate. We were referred to you by a friend. Do you accept these kinds of donations and if so, where can I drop them off?

I have 6 or 7 boxes of coats and other clothes and some toys that I would like to drop off this week if possible.

Anonymous said...

Andrea's apartment looks awesome! I can't wait to see it in person.