Saturday, November 7, 2009


No, not those kinds of alterations! We're not hemming skirts or letting out pants' seams. But we are experiencing lots of changes, and they're wonderful!First Baptist Church of Woodstock, Georgia, included us in their recent missions outreach. David Jackson constructed beautiful new shelves for The Refugee Sewing Society.
We are thrilled with the help this has brought to our room. We're now able to get organized and better manage donations, storage, and many other needs.
Aren't these awesome? David and others from the church took measurements and built the shelves to my exact specifications.
We now have shelves designated for fabric, supplies, and machines.My father, Harold Cummins, and my stepmother, Phyllis arrived for a short visit just after the shelves were completed. They joined in the fun of organizing and folding many boxes full of fabric.The new shelves led one of our students to sing out, "Happy sewing, teacher! Happy sewing!" Thanks FBC Woodstock and David!
The changing leaves on the tree in our yard reminds me that the Palmer family has another change afoot.
After the random gunshot incident, we moved Andrei home with us. We all agreed he would be happier with a place of his own. A great construction crew led by Amazin' Amy's husband, Bob, is transforming our garage into a one-bedroom abode. Andrei will soon have his own home sweet home right next to ours.

This has been a time of high tension for the Palmers, so we appreciate your prayers and support. I'm so happy that God has allowed me to work with women who quickly take all my stress away.

Yesterday as they were cleaning our sewing room, I realized I was watching refugee resourcefulness at work. Tulasa was down on her knees under the table using a wadded plastic bag to sweep up lint and fabric scraps. When I started taking photos, the women all got so tickled they were just about crying. These happy faces always bring a smile to my own.
Change can bring hardships and joy. Around here, it's all good!

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Carla Gade said...

It always amazes me how busy you are there with your ministry. And all the smiles! I know there have been difficulties, too, my prayers are with you. It seems like you'll have much more peace of mind with your son right next door.

I'm looking forward to reading The Courteous Cad! Thank you for writing it even though you've been so busy.
I'd love to interview you on my blog and review the book - if interested please give me a shout. Thanks and be blessed!!

carlagade [at] gmail [dot]com