Saturday, November 28, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

Brrr! It's cold outside. But inside Clarkston Community Center, things are hot! Our women come bundled up from their long walks in the frigid air. They don't stay bundled for long.The Refugee Sewing Society's members have been blessed with a lot of contract work lately. We are using donated knit fabric to make nightgowns for dolls. These clothes are marketed through PureFUN, our business partner's daycare supply company. We're also sewing playclothes for two sizes of dolls. The women are learning a lot as they sew these detailed, tiny clothes. It's great preparation for their upcoming projects with full-sized clothing. In addition to that, we've been sewing mat sheets for daycares and drawstring-tied jewelry bags.The women love to sew market bags and refugee bags. We're making them by the bushel and hoping they'll sell well at all the markets we have in December.

A recent market was held at Emory University. We were invited to participate in a large event at which Valentino Deng, one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, was the guest speaker. Representatives from refugee agencies filled the large room, and The Refugee Sewing Society was honored to present our products for sale.Thanksgiving week brought a break in our usual class schedule. But there was no rest for the volunteers of the RSS! On Tuesday, we had an organizing, sorting, and shelving day. Tiffany Woodcock from PureFUN helped so much. Lest anyone think that volunteering for the RSS is a piece of cake, I present this photo of Carol Harrison hefting one of our incredibly heavy metal sewing machines. Several people have donated these old gems, and we're eager to put them to use.
But for the time being, we needed to get them off the floor. It took two women just to hoist each machine from the floor to the top of a cabinet. Our room is ready now for the final run to Christmas. We'll be operating on a reduced schedule so I can finish a book that's due on January 15. In the new year -- look out, world! The Refugee Sewing Society is gearing up for a lot of excitement. Please keep us all in your prayers, and may God bless you for your love and support of our precious women.

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