Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yay, team!

Last week, we got a huge blessing. Two church teams visited The Refugee Sewing Society and helped us put our storeroom and classroom in order.Tim Cummins sent over a large group from Eastern Shore Baptist Church in Daphne, Alabama, and First Baptist Church of Bonifay, Florida to help us. Asante sana, Tim.

They titled themselves The Refugee Sewing Organization Society. Great name for a great bunch of Christians!Some of the crew tackled our classroom. We're gearing up for some big changes, so they helped us organize fabrics and remove excess supplies.We had a large bin of necklaces that had never been priced. This young lady priced and hung every necklace!In the storage room, the team took every single item out and began to organize in boxes and bins. The fabric and other materials filled three rooms and the hall before it was all sorted.Tim built two large shelving systems -- generously donated to our program in place of two Atlanta Braves baseball tickets. Sorry, Braves, but we're the winners in this deal! Both shelves were quickly loaded with fabrics sorted by color.
The team encountered things none of us expected. Zippers . . . zippers . . . and more zippers. Huge zippers!And small zippers. Thank goodness for this donated shoe cubby.
The team organized loads and loads of sewing supplies like buttons, patterns, lace, and all kinds of other doo-dads.Clarkston Community Center is air conditioned -- except in the storage rooms. This dedicated group worked hard in the heat. The team organized our yarn supply and filled two large shelving systems.Ta-dah! It's a beautiful thing.
With our storage room cleaned and our classroom organized, we're ready to begin our new session. I'm so humbled by the generosity and service of the Bonifay and Daphne teams. I can't wait to see what God has waiting for all of us!

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Brittany said...

Ah! That looks wonderful! What a great help they were!