Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Let's get together . . . yeah, yeah, yeah!

Remember that old song from Parent Trap? We've been enjoying a lot of get-togethers this month.
We spent the 4th of July with our good friends, the Yarbroughs. As always, the food was delicious and the company was lots of fun. Andrei had to work, so we went out to Stone Mountain to visit him. Bad idea. With all the traffic backed up, we couldn't even get close to the park entrance. We ended up watching the fireworks in a church parking lot. I caught this photo of all 3 Yarbroughs texting during the show! Can you guess how exciting the display was from that parking lot . . .?The following Sunday, we had another of our church-at-the-swimming pool events. We really enjoyed the service. And where can you find a better potluck than in a church with members from all over the world?Our friend from Sierra Leone had been anxious about her upcoming cataract surgery. But on Sunday she was rejoicing at how well it had gone. She can see almost perfectly from one eye, and doctors will work on the other eye soon.
Andrei enjoyed visiting with Kathryn. We are all grieving the end of this year's term for our Mission Year friends. We'll miss them!
We also had a "thank you tea" for some of our friends and supporters. It was fun to put together a big high tea with all the trimmings.I was especially delighted to get to know Carol and Todd, who have been a huge help to us through this first year of mission service. Brian, on the left, works for World Relief. He always brings an interesting perspective.Now that our house is ready for company, I'm eager to invite more people over. Let's get together -- yeah, yeah, yeah!

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