Monday, September 1, 2008

You move me ...

We had a moving experience this weekend! After much thought, discussion and prayer, we felt God's stamp of approval on yet another transition. We now live in an apartment near Clarkston -- closer to Andrei's apartment complex and the refugee relocation site. Tim will continue to run the after-school program at Huntington Ridge, and we will both help plan and supervise activities for the community. He will keep his job at the tennis center right behind HR, too.

All the same, it was hard to say goodbye to friends and neighbors. We will miss them.Packing boxes again was no fun, either. We are so grateful for friends Bill , Alex and Andrei, who helped us with the move.
And yet another Alex who helped us settle in. After a long, sweaty day, we all approved of Andrei's suggestion -- ice cream!
Please pray for us as we continue to serve God at Huntington Ridge and Clarkston. As our pastor said, "You're now Clarkistanis!"

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