Saturday, September 13, 2008

African Cinderella

I got to play fairy godmother to my new family from Burundi! They had told me that the schools did not allow flip flops or plastic sandals -- and this news put everyone into a dither. Without the time or financial resources to take all 10 of them shoe shopping, I was able to locate a bag full of donated shoes.
When Tim, Andrei and I stopped in for a visit, everyone was home. That's eight children and two parents. (Not to mention several neighbors!) The teenage girls began to try on shoes, and the room was transfixed. With all eyes on the process, the older girl gave two pairs of fancy heels a try -- both at the same time with one on each foot. The younger declared the black shoes too tight.
Now the younger girl gave the blue heels a try.
Nope! Way too tight. Hmm . . . I began to worry a little.
Next she tried the white heels. I held my breath. Would the glass slipper fit our Cinderella?

Ta da! Isn't she lovely? Okay, maybe they're a little too big. She didn't mind. She traipsed proudly around the room in her first pair of real shoes. Little sister was bemused by the whole event.One of these days she'll be old enough to play Cinderella. I take comfort in the hope that the years to come will bring her peace, safety and much joy.

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