Monday, September 1, 2008

Drowning for Jesus!

One day the Sudanese boy who plays the drums at our church asked Pastor Dave, "When are you going to dunk me in the water like you did Nuk?" Dave had to think for a moment before realizing the young man was asking about baptism. After many weeks of Bible study and discussion, our little drummer boy was ready to make known his repentance and surrender to Jesus. Pastor Dave said this caused a lot of excitement among the other boys. Several asked, "So when are you going to drown him?"

This past Sunday, we all gathered at the local swimming pool . . . not for a drowning but for the start of a new life in Christ. The congregation of Sudanese, Congolese, Burmese, Karen, Burundians, Liberians, Americans and others sang hymns as pastor Dave and this young Believer stepped into the water. He was proud to announce his faith to everyone and then display his surrender by public baptism.
After the ceremony, it was time for a potluck lunch. Can you imagine the delicious variety of food our congregation brought? Yummy...Then everyone headed for the water to swim . . .
and play . . .or hang out on a swing in the shade.
We love our church family in Georgia, and we're so excited to share the joy of walking alongside them in the peace of Jesus Christ.

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