Thursday, June 4, 2009

Girls get the giggles!

What happens when you put a bunch of girls together? Silliness, of course!Today in Advanced Sewing, Jasoda was working hard putting together a cute hat for little girls. We couldn't resist trying it on at various stages. Here, Jasoda adorned the hat with a pink rose crocheted by Hanaa, from the yarn class.
Brittany is ready for the cover of Glamor magazine, don't you think? Saraswati, the "sister friend" of Jasoda, admires the couture cap. When it gets its "lid" and goes on the the head of a 5-year-old, the hat will have found its purpose. Meanwhile, it gave great fun to a gaggle of girls.
Wednesday's visiting brought good stuff, too. Baruwani has a job! This father of 8 from Burundi has been unemployed since arriving in America last fall. I was thrilled to see him packing his dinner for the night shift he now works at an area chicken factory.
Oscar was chilling on the couch after returning home from summer school.
Kelly enjoyed all the kids in this family we have come to love so deeply. Joles helped her little sister, Imani, put on her pants the right way around. Even Imani is off to summer school these days.
Among my greatest joys this week was seeing my "Aunt Peggy" at the door of my classroom. Aunt Peggy and Uncle Al served the Lord alongside my parents for many years in Kenya. My mother and Aunt Peggy were best friends. My mom went dancing up to heaven several years ago, and I know she's so happy there. But I miss her. Aunt Peggy comes closer than anyone to filling the hole in my heart left by my mother.
It was fun to listen to Aunt Peggy speak Swahili to Bahati (from Somalia) and Gorette (from Burundi). They christened her "Mama mdogo" -- "Little mother." When each of my students hurried to give her a warm hug, my heart overflowed.

This was a good week filled to the brim with laughter, learning, and love.

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Brittany said...

haha what a fun day. Thank God for calm days. And for busy days that help you appreciate the calm ones. ;-)
I have such a blast working with you, Cathy!