Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sewing fun!

I had a special treat this Monday. My editor from Tyndale House Publishers came to "the village" for a visit! Karen accompanied me from my sewing class to many homes. More new students arrived this week, so we were all busy teaching basic skills and fixing jammed sewing machines. I really appreciated Karen and Kelly helping out. I couldn't have done it alone!

Some of the women completed projects during the session.I'd say they're happy with their work!As class ended, I showed them a jacket I had made. It's tailored -- with a lining and other fancy stuff. We talked about improving skills so that eventually the women can make their own clothes, too. They are very eager to have more sewing sessions each week. Please pray with me as I seek God's provision for this need.

We ended class with lots of laughs. I love these ladies who are refugees from Bhutan. I think you can see why!
Later, Karen accompanied Kelly and me to many homes. She was especially impressed with Barry's diligent efforts to learn English in his refugee camp in Tanzania. I don't think any of us has ever met anyone quite as enthusiastic and determined as Barry!
These beautiful children represent the more than THIRTY children in families I serve each week. God has plans for every one of them. Each has great needs -- learning English, adapting to America, succeeding in school, and much more. I hope you'll pray for my families and their children. While you're at it, please pray for me, too! I need strength, patience and wisdom as I interact with my refugees. I also need focus and concentration on the days I return to writing.
Thank you . . . from all of us!

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