Thursday, October 30, 2008

Giggles from Darfur!

Tonight I got a phone call that made my heart sing. Two Sudanese women I had introduced for the first time on Tuesday were visiting each other on Thursday evening. And like happy girlfriends, they called a third girlfriend (me!) and started giggling over the phone.
(photo removed by request)

These women haven't had much to laugh about. They both escaped genocide in Darfur, and they have many scars from their suffering. But suffering wasn't the topic of conversation tonight!

The regal beauty, above, has been in America for several months. She works hard to learn English. She lives with her husband and is expecting their first child. When we talk about the baby's birth, I can tell she's nervous. Her mother is still in Sudan. Who will help her?
Her new friend, of course! I'll be there for her, too. But this sweet woman will be the perfect model. She is the mother of three little girls, she's from the same tribe, and she speaks the same language. She has a soft voice, and when she speaks, she sounds almost childlike.

I love the image of the two of them giggling together in the home of the woman who has been here longer. They decided to call me, they said, because "we wanted to greet you!"

Greetings to both of you, too. And welcome to America!


Dina said...

I really look forward to reading your blogs...because I'm always touched, by how the simple things can have so much depth, especially in the back drop of so much laughter. I do think we take so much for giggles. Blessings to you Palmers. You and your community of loved ones, are in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tim and Cathy! Thanks for all you are doing for immigrant families! As I read your posts, I can see how you are such a tremendous blessing to everyone around you! It was a blessing to worship with you today at Celebration Fellowship.

Tim Yarbrough