Monday, October 6, 2008

Bounty and blessings

What a sweet group of friends I visited today! These women are refugees from two different countries, but they have come together with a bond made stronger by a shared faith, similar suffering, and the hope for a better future. (photo removed by request)

My Sudanese friend is seated on the left. She is from the Darfur region. Her husband drives a taxi, and they're awaiting their first child. She is working hard on her English. Her new Somali friend, seated beside her, speaks good English, too. The third woman, also Somali, will be my newest student. They are all Muslims.

Who brought this group together? A beautiful young caseworker and ESL teacher from World Relief, a refugee resettlement agency.
(photo removed by request)

We enjoyed a wonderful -- and very unexpected -- meal prepared on the sly by our hostess. We were chatting intently and didn't notice her working in the kitchen.
(photo removed by request)

What did she set before us? We wanted to know, too! As we began to eat this meal (with our hands -- no utensils in sight), she explained the foods. These are mashed fava beans. They have the consistency of refried beans, and they are delicious. Here's a platter of beef stew. This was more familiar to American palates. But it had an extra zing of hot red pepper.
This condiment looks easy and tastes amazing. Take paprika and salt, squeeze a lemon over it, blend everything with your fingertip. Voila!
Please pray with me for my new friend. She has endured far more than any of us can even imagine. My heart aches every time I think of the terrible trauma she suffered in her homeland. Humans can be vicious, cruel monsters.

(photo removed by request)

But God has made the human spirit resilient. This woman got married a month before she left the refugee camp in Kenya -- to a man 16 years her junior! Her love for him glows when she speaks of their commitment. She supported herself in the camp by creating handmade incense and intricate crochet work.

I know my Lord has a wonderful plan for these precious women. Thank you for the important role you play in their lives -- through your prayer support, words of encouragement to me, and donations of clothing, toys, and other gifts. May God bless you!

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RecycleCindy said...

And what a wonderful mission you are accomplishing. Helping these women and children is such a fantastic undertaking. May God bless you and best wishes on your continued work.