Friday, May 30, 2008

Moving to Atlanta

On April 28, 2008, our family -- Tim, Cathy, Andrei and Tessie Palmer -- drove through the entrance to Huntington Ridge apartment complex in Atlanta, Georgia. We are here as missionaries to immigrants and refugees. Yes, we count our beloved Border Collie as a partner in our work! Kids love Tessie, and she helps us build bridges.

On May 3, our furniture arrived. Dear friends in Missouri funded the transportation of our household through United Van Lines. What a blessing! The United team unloaded everything, and then we began the process of unpacking all those boxes. Even poor Tessie was exhausted!

The apartment had been in need of major renovation -- as you can see from this bathtub! A great team of college kids from Salado, Texas gave their spring break to scrub and paint our apartment. We are so grateful for this huge gift. The walls are now a beautiful shade of pale yellow, and all the cabinets and trim are white. Thanks for your service!

After we arrived, though, we still had a lot of interesting obstacles to overcome. Our supervisor, Tim Cummins (far left in the photo above), helped us so much. Tim runs Whirlwind Missions. Be sure to take a look at his website at to see the great work he's doing in Atlanta. Tim provided powerful pesticide to help tackle our cockroach problem. We also had several floods as we tried to set up our washing machine and get our dishwasher to work. Thank goodness for our friend, Bill Hickey, who works with Tim Cummins. He and the maintenance man, Jose, finally got the water under control. We still don't have a working oven, but other than that, things are functioning well.

Tim Cummins donated a camera, printer, and several other items to help our ministry in the technology realm. Bill Hickey and Tim's son Jesse helped us get all connected and wired up.

With the furniture in place and our appliances mostly working, we were ready to begin ministry!

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