Friday, May 30, 2008

Cathy goes to Africa . . . in Atlanta!

(photo removed by request)

Cathy's primary call to ministry is with Swahili-speaking refugees in the Clarkston area of Atlanta. People from war-torn countries like Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Sudan and Somalia are being resettled in Atlanta by such agencies as World Relief. These people fled their homelands during periods of genocide. Many moved into refugee camps in Kenya and Tanzania. The woman in the photo (above) lived in refugee camps her whole life. These people learned to speak Swahili, the language Cathy grew up speaking as the daughter of missionaries to Kenya.The first time Cathy set foot in Clarkston, she couldn't quite believe she was still in America. This looked too much like home! God immediately laid a desire to help African refugees with language and life skills -- all with the ultimate goal of introducing them to Jesus Christ. What a blessing it has been to get to know the people in "the village," as we call it.
Cathy's dream was to go into home and form friendships with the people. By teaching English, literacy and adaptive living skills, she opens doors for God to touch hearts. Who could resist such beautiful people?

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