Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A snood by any other name . . .

What's a snood and why do I need one? Bhagirathi and Dil (below) from Bhutan -- along with others in our yarn group --made some really pretty snoods this week.I thought it would be fun for the ladies to model the works of art they'd made. Snoods were first popular in the Victorian age -- and now they're haute couture again.

Man Maya's lovely gray snood catches her long hair and sets off her pretty earrings.A snood fits over your hair differently than a hat does. Harka shows us how it sits slightly back on the head.A large snood can hold a lot of long hair.
Fancy a spot of tea with Sharon?Why, thank you kindly. I believe I shall!

While wearing a snood, one cannot hold back a smile . . . as Saraswati demonstrates. Godeliva, from Congo, made a snood that fits more like a cap. Pretty snood on a pretty lady!If you think you need a snood, you're right! We sell them for $10 each. This coming Friday, we'll be having a big market at Clarkston Community Center. Come on over and snood up!

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