Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hello Dolly!

We are excited about dolls! Our awesome partner, Todd Harrison, was offering three sizes of dolls to the daycares his business serves. But he eventually had to stop selling the dolls because he couldn't find clothes to fit them. Along came The Refugee Sewing Society!I really enjoyed watching the women in my advanced sewing class when they saw the dolls for the first time. They hugged and cuddled those babies. They dressed them up. They rocked them. I guess girls are the same all over the world!
I was excited about the opportunity to sew clothes for Todd's dolls, and I decided our new Iraqi student could take the first try. She was a seamstress before coming to America, and she can make anything. Surely she could make doll clothes, I thought.
Wow -- was I ever right! One weekend at home sewing on her machine, and here came EIGHTEEN adorable dresses. And bloomers to match! Aren't they cute?Please pray that all the women can learn to sew these dresses -- perfect training for them to make clothes for themselves and their families!

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